Hey, I’m Casey


CBUDD is me. Casey Budd. A 25 year old young woman originally born in an uninspiring small town in New Jersey who is now finding her way and making it on her own in Atlanta, Georgia as a creative entrepreneur.

What started as just me venting about my cultural identity of being a multi-racial individual to a camera, is now my full time pursuit. However, I’ve expanded my YouTube channel to even more topics that align with my purpose. Holistic and spiritual healing, extensive passport stamps, and finding thrift store gems are just a few of the many things that light up my soul. Creating video content to an audience of around 50,000 subscribers has created some incredible opportunities like collaborations with brands like Levi’s, Express, Nasty Gal, The MVMT, and many others.

This brand is my chance to be visually creative and express myself in any way that feels right. Photography, vlogging, and modeling are just a few of the elements that fuel my creativity.

I hope you take a look around this site and find a niche just for you. Feel free to contact me for any insights or ideas you may have! I’m always open to connecting.