My 7 Favorite Mindful Apps

Simple Ways to Maintain Mindfulness


This is a super popular meditation app. After the first time using it, you’ll understand why. This app provides such a vast variety of types of meditations with options for 5 minute sessions to 15 minute sessions. You can choose to focus on healing from heartbreak to calming a busy mind to motivational meditations. This is my go-to when I don’t exactly have a lot of time to dedicate to my morning/night routine. Their sleep meditations are the best too ya’ll. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve fallen asleep to one of their night time selections.


I honestly feel like I could talk about this app for DAYS. It provides everything you’d ever want in a mindful app. Meditations, daily motivational prayers/affirmations to your phone throughout the day, spoken word/music, daily mantras, and even has a book to go along with it. I absolutely love the positive reminders that are sent to me throughout the day; they seriously always feel right on time. There’s also meditations focusing on specific chakras which I really appreciate.

CO-STAR - (free)

Who would I be if I didn’t mention this one? Co-Star provides a super in depth daily horoscope based off of your natal chart. If you’re completely lost by what I’m saying when I mention your natal chart, check this out to learn more. Basically just know that we all are way more than our sun sign! You have an entire birth chart full of astrologic signs. Anyway, I really love how specific they get on this app because it doesn’t feel like one of those typical-magazine-style-horoscopes that could easily apply to anyone.

TAO DAILY - (free)

Yo. Download this app. Right now. Whether you believe in Taoism fully or not, or even know what that is, the Tao Te Ching is a must read for everyone. This is the simplest book EVER (a total of about 144 pages). The book is made up of what could be called “passages” that illustrate the true sense of what the law of polarity is and what it means to live by the Tao. By far one of the most life-changing books for me. This app sends you a daily passage as well as provides the entire book for you to continue to flip through if you’d like.

DREAM MOODS - (free)

So this is actually a website as well as an app. I’ve been writing down my dreams for roughly 3-4 years now and have forever been fascinated by them. They tell you so much about yourself! Dream Moods is great for interpreting the meaning of certain symbols, characters, environments, you-name-it. Their glossary of terms is actually insane. If you think your dream subject is not on there, it is. They do allow you to record your dreams on the app, however in the past I did this and had to replace my phone, thus losing allllll of my recordings. Real heartbreak. So I’ll stick to the OG way of recording and write in my notebook that I keep bed-side, but I use this all the time to get the deeper meaning of what’s going on during shut eye.

MOON PHASE - (free)

This is a really simple app that provides the current moon phase and shows you the upcoming cycle as well. I love that it provides the astrological information as well. It’s honestly just my quick reference for when I’m like, wait why am I so emotional? Oh, okay. The moon is in Pisces. If anyone has any recommendations for apps that go even more in-depth on the moon phase/meaning, I’m all ears. I also highly recommend this website for moon phase information.

STONE - (free)

One of the newer apps in my life, this app provides a ton of information on crystals. I’m growing my knowledge on stones as much as I can lately and Stone has been a huge help in that. The overall language and information is very millennial and easy to understand too. You can search for crystals or simply choose them from the images provided.

M. CYCLES - (free)

I’m sure every lady out there has downloaded a period tracking app at some point in her lifetime. This is my personal favorite because I love how much information I can track other than just the day my cycle ends/begins. Being able to record my symptoms and how severe each one is or is not, creates a lot of insight for me. It literally has a diary on the app where you can provide exactly how you are feeling each day. It also compares the data you provide with previous entries which I think is really interesting.

What are some of your favorite mindful apps?

Put me on! Let me know down below.

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