The Freedom to Outgrow

Time for the first raw and real personal blog post of mine.

* Takes deep breath *

So to catch you up on life in case you haven’t paid attention to any of my recent social media posts or vlogs on YouTube, a lot has changed for me in the last couple of months. I’m single, I work a full time job that requires 60+ hours a week, I’m getting ready to move, and I’ve transitioned into a high raw vegan diet. What’s crazy is that I KNEW that big changes were coming a while ago. I could feel it and didn’t even know how to explain it to anyone; I just knew that I was about to be heading in a new direction in life. To be honest, I still feel like I’m on the verge of another big change but we’ll see what life throws my way. Accept The Mystery remember? (hahaha okay, over myself).

I think one of the biggest concepts I’m coming to terms with is that I outgrow things… relatively quickly. Well at least in my brain I feel like I do. The other day I was on the phone with my mom I was discussing relationship break ups and I was like:

“I feel like I always come to this point! Like I always get to a point where I feel like I’m growing a different direction than the person I’m with or I outgrow the relationship as a whole.”

Her response? Exactly what I needed to hear, like always. “Why is that a bad thing Case?”

The truth is, there’s no need for a guilt trip for advancing to new beginnings and levels. Sometimes I really question myself because I’m SO good at this. Like damn, will I ever be content with another individual for a long period of time? To grow into each other and not a part? But I think I’ve finally stopped worrying about that because… who cares? I’m realizing that there are SO many other things to be concerned about than that right now. There are SO many other things to be grateful and excited about.

When it comes to balancing my purpose and my work place, I’m still figuring it out day by day but realizing it’s not impossible. Challenging, yes, but not impossible. Because anything is possible. To keep it all the way real with you though, a typical day for me lately has been my alarm going off at 5 AM, me hitting snooze until 5:45 AM, squeezing in a quick 10 minute meditation, getting dressed and heading out for my 45-minute commute to work (guess who can’t wait to move?). This change definitely made me look back on the year that I was a full time entrepreneur and realize I wasn’t taking it as serious as I should have been. Not to not give myself credit for all the hard work I did do but I was sleeping in and hanging out like I had already got to where I wanted to be. Now that my time is limited, my process and time is way more strategic and devoted. I appreciate the change honestly. I was waaaaay too comfortable.

I think transitioning to a high raw diet has honestly made my mindset way more positive than it might’ve been in the past. I’ve become the person with the positive outlook on a negative situation! This is monumental because I tend to be a little pessimistic at times (Hi, I have Capricorn all over my natal chart.) I’ve been training the critic in my head to be a cheerleader daily. You know how EASY it is to be mean to yourself? Challenge yourself. Like literally as soon as you hear yourself coming at yourself, stop. Assess. Breathe through it and change your perspective. By eating foods that literally boost me with energy and vibrations, it transcends externally from me. I challenge you to record your eating habits + moods for a week or two and reflect on them. I promise you that you are what you eat.

All and all, I feel good. Like really really really good. Everyone seems to be so “Omg it’s going to be okay!” towards me and it’s like, man… I know that more than ever right now. I’m so much better than okay.

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