When's the Last Time You Spent the Entire Day With Just You?

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I’ve Missed You Self.

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I’ve been craving silence and stillness. Working 60 hours a week as a PA has definitely altered the way I handle self care and me time. I’ve realized that it’s been forever since I’ve had a day like today. Not giving any energy to anything or anyone but Self. There’s a lot of mindless conversations I am around when I’m at work so by the time I’m alone, it feels so good to not listen to anyone. Just Self.

I spent today drinking smoothies, filming a YouTube video, writing in my journal, taking self-portraits (which WOW I miss doing that), practicing yoga, reading my book and most importantly, catching up on my breath work. It’s been challenging to find time to properly consciously breathe but I am mindful throughout the day to at least take 3-5 deep belly breaths. I know I mentioned this in my Arizona blog post, but seriously look into diaphragmatic breathing if you aren’t familiar with it. It’s. A. Game. Changer. There’s so much abundance that comes from the breath.

Something I’ve always noticed about myself is that I consistently give my attention and time to others, no matter what. Even if it hinders my energy and well being. I just want peace always (hi, my moon sign is Libra). I guess lately I’m saying f*ck that. I give so much of myself throughout the week that I seriously prioritize my me time on weekends. It’s funny cause there was a time where I felt like I really wished I had friends to hang out with or company and now I find myself not interested in sharing my energy with another. In the most non-egotistical way, I’m not even sorry about this. Respect my right to just be. Nature gives so much, I feel so fulfilled with simply just that.

Being able to self-reflect and be patient with my thoughts and feelings today was really really helpful for this ongoing transition I’m in. New moon in Pisces is approaching and I can feel the shift, like always. Speaking of, I spoke with my astrologer Tori today and WOW. She confirmed everything I was already feeling and really made me excited for what’s ahead. If you’re at all interested in your natal chart being read, please go check her out. She keeps it all the way real with me and I love her for that.

When’s the last time you just laid on the ground and closed your eyes and listened to the sounds of nature? Nature seriously heals. I challenge you to spend an entire day with just you at least once a week or once a month. No energy or attention going anywhere else but inward.

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