4 Reasons Why You Need to Take a Solo Trip


Denver For The Weekend

Friday evening came around and for whatever reason, I was SO nervous. I even got off work early which gave me plenty of time to get to the airport and get going. But for whatever reason, I had this feeling of, “wait what am I actually about to do?”

Ya’ll, face your fears and travel alone. I promise you won’t regret it. I can’t even believe I was even hesitant about going away for 2 days!

  1. Break Out of Your Norm

    I broke out of my normal routine for the weekend and learned a lot about myself. It’s nice to change up habits that we tend to get really comfortable in. Yeah you could spend another weekend watching Netflix or hanging out with your usual set of friends but why not switch it up? Try something new? Get a little uncomfortable? We all know that’s where growth takes place. Traveling always makes me feel like a big kid, but traveling solo? I definitely was 7 years old. Getting lost and figuring things out freely with zero care in the world of what anyone thought of me. I promise you though, getting lost is the fun part. Learn to let go! You receive so much more when you do.

  2. Wait… That’s The Type of Person I Am?

    Man, I learned a lot about myself. How simple things REALLY excite me in life. How walking 8 miles in Denver was actually just what I needed (yes, I really walked all over the city of Denver). Traveling by yourself really shows you what type of person you are because there’s no one to debate anything with. It’s just you and you. Want to wander into that bookstore? Go for it. Want to just lay in the sun and do nothing for a few hours? Do it. Want to eat at that restaurant? You got it. Want to go to bed at 9 PM? What’s stopping you? NO ONE. There’s so much independence and freedom that comes with solo travel and I feel like you learn how you handle those things. I don’t know about ya’ll but it feels so good to not babysit anyone’s needs or emotions. Just me and me, having a great time.

  3. Meal for One Please

    In general, I’d say it’s cheaper than traveling with others. I mean yes, splitting the cost of stay may be a bit cheaper if others were there to help but then again, back to being independent, you don’t have to get that big of an Airbnb or hotel room, you can simplify your life to your liking. I paid $120 all together for my stay and my flight was $80. I honestly could’ve really saved some coins and stayed in a hostel but this trip was more so for my independence and peace of mind. Then as far as food and activities, I really didn’t spend much. Uber probably got the most from me but even still, I hopped on Bird scooters any chance I got to save a bit. You save a lot because you’re solely doing activities you want to do, not just spending money on stuff cause your travel partner wants do it. And regardless, it feels SO good to invest in yourself and enjoy activities that fuel your soul.

  4. Let’s be friends!

    It’s so much easier for people to approach you or vice versa when you’re on your own. Think about it - approaching a table full of people is a bit more intimidating than just one person right? I found myself really enjoying the conversations I shared with waiters and uber drivers because it’s like what I depended on as far as human interaction so the conversations were more in depth and genuine. Whereas, when you’re with people you know you’re not really that interested typically in other people than the people you’re with. I met some really dope individuals that I now can call anytime I’m back in the city of Denver. That’s a really good feeling.

Where have you solo traveled? What did you experience? I’d love some recommendations and tips because I think I’m officially hooked. They’ll definitely be so many more solo trips to come.

Check out my vlog from this trip:

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