Here's Your Reminder to Slow Down

Can I just vent? Can I just freely type and you read along? Okay cool. Cause that’s all I feel like doing.

So what’s up with me, what am I up to? Well Cancer season always seems to be a transitioning period for me. Probably cause I’m a Capricorn and that’s my polar sign.

* lets out big sigh *

A thing I keep hearing from my higher self is to slow down. If I don’t slow down and smell the roses, I might not EVER be able to have the chance to see them. Honestly, I’ve noticed even in my physical body how much I need to slow down. I may be moving so fast throughout the day, I’ll literally cut corners walking around and bang my shoulder against them. For real, that happened the other day. And I’ve accidentally bruised myself countless times lately, all out of rushing to do something. I feel like it’s little moments of the universe being like, “hey girl, slow tf down - this thing isn’t even aligned with your higher self anyway.”

I am practicing appreciating myself more and all that I do. I’m practicing pacing myself. I’ve noticed actually how difficult this is for me. Sometimes I feel like my hardworking spirit may be my downfall in some aspects. Like it literally can cause harm if I don’t let go of it more. Letting go of control in general is a battle for me some days.

This isn’t to put myself down, more of a self reflection.

The other day I had the most intense breath session and it got to a point where it forced me to let go honestly. It was terrifyingly beautiful though. I went into a space that I didn’t know I needed to exist within myself. Where it was just me and me. No judgements. No actions. Just being.

Life is good right now and I really don’t have anything to complain about. But I’ve just been becoming more of an observer of my life and my actions more lately I guess. Questioning why I do things the way I do them. Looking back at my adolescence and childhood from a non-judging point of view.

No, I’m not focused on the past, just reflecting on behavior patterns and the little girl that still lives inside of me. Lately when I’m meditating, I imagine her sitting next to me and how amazed she would probably be to see who I’ve developed to be. That feels really really good.

Anyway, how is your spirit? How has your summer started? Thanks for being here to just let me vent. Sometimes it feels good to just freestyle and not backspace a word that my fingers type. Try it some time! Just let it flow freely with zero concern for how it sounds.

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