Who Are You When No One is Looking?


Seriously think about the answer to that question. Who are you when you’re invisible? When no eyes are on you? No judgements, no opinions, no expectations are existing?

Lately, this has been a feeling I’ve been craving. I guess that’s what inspired this video. Sometimes it can feel like majority of my actions are centered around external validation or ego boosts. And honestly, it’s the truth. What else is Instagram for really? I’ve become SO used to planning my actions or outfits or ideas around YouTube and IG... it’s gross. I’m not sure I even know what it feels like to be completely invisible, with no outside sources approving or disapproving what I’m doing. Even in the past when I’ve taken breaks from Instagram, I’ve still been uploading to YouTube and reading comments of outside opinions and judgements, good or bad.

I love my solitude and this summer I’ve been completely soaking in it. I just can feel this part of me that wants to completely ghost away from the world and see what it feels like to just completely dedicate my time to connecting to source. Just spend my “free time” doing breathwork, reading, writing - just being a completely sponge, soaking in prana. Not sure if this will for real happen, but it’s been on my mind lately so don’t be surprised if I just go missing. I absolutely love sharing stories and creating so I’m torn. But I’ve definitely noticed myself not reaching for my camera and enjoying the moment which feels really good.

Experiment with this thought for a day. Every time you reach for your phone to take a photo or video, ask yourself… who am I when no one is looking?

Casey BuddComment