Skipped Chem Class.. Sue Me.

Yesterday it was 80 degrees out, in the beginning of February - something my New Jersey self was definitely not used to at all. My mom had called me yesterday morning telling me how the snow was coming down hard, and mean while I was slipping my feet into my flip flops and making an executive decision to enjoy the beautiful weather and skip my chemistry class. 

I know, I know.. I really shouldn't skip class - but who could blame me? Sitting in a class room for two hours when the sun is shining like this? No, thanks. Sue me, it was only one class! 

My roommate and I roamed around downtown and stopped into Indigo Cafe to get something refreshing for this scorching hot day. An iced tea lemonade was sipped rapidly and of course, when I saw they had cookies, I had to try one. I swear I should be the "Cookie Reviewer" because anytime there is cookies around - I have to try them and see how good they are. I guess my sweet tooth gets the best of me sometimes.

I'll rate this cookie with a 3 out of 5 (:

Casey BuddComment