Hey, stranger.

I know, I know.. it's been a WHILE. I know I actually have some loyal readers to this blog and I'm sorry for neglecting it. Between keeping up with my YouTube videos and all my social media as well as all my photography social media and website... I need a nap. Let's not forget college and all the other life things.. but let's not make too many excuses. Needless to say, my bad fam.

Anyway, the past few weeks I've had some cool self realizations. Like, I didn't realize how far I've come with photography and knowing the camera in general. I'm taking some of the most B.S. classes I've ever taken in college since it's my last semester and I didn't realize how well educated I am on photography. Don't get me wrong, I face challenges probably every single time I shoot something, but I've realized how many challenges I've overcome and I'm pretty proud of myself. I don't think I say that enough!

I'm back to photographing concerts and couldn't be happier. Not many hip hop artists coming to my town these next few months, but I'll break out of my genre and try some new ones. Last time I did that I ended up getting reposted by the band and gained so much more exposure. I really hope to find a publication or someone to work for once I graduate in May so I can continue shooting concerts.. I realllllyyy love photographing musicians. Music and photography are two ways to my heart.

Basically, this was just a post to say HEY! I'M STILL ALIVE! And I'm going to attempt to be more consistent with blog posts on here. I need to update so much photography on here too. Ugh so many self investments I want to make in the next few months. Definitely need updated business cards with my new logo and all. Too bad my wallet doesn't agree with these self investments :| but things will fall the way they're supposed to I suppose.

Hope everyone is doing well (: I'm off to an editors meeting for my school newspaper, later!

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