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In May 2015, I began my virtual internship as a Visual Correspondent, providing two article pitches per week for the duration of 4 months. These articles were required to include some sort of visual including video, photography, or graphic design. Eventually, I branded my own web-base series titled "The Case Files" where I created broadcast-style videos discussing various college topics that were shared across various social media platforms over 9,600 times. In September of 2015, I was promoted to the digital web producer position. With this position, I currently manage all of USA Today College's social media platforms twice a week.

Graphic Design

Digital Arts for Professional Communication - Spring 2015


For this class, we were required to create a poetry book for a final project. The poets as well as all the text were provided for the students and the design was completely up to us individually. I decided to maintain a minimalistic consistent design throughout my poetry book, giving each poet it's own designated color to break up the book easier for the reader. 

SMS Posters

The assignment was to choose a text messaging commonly known SMS message and create a visual for that message. I chose "G2G" or "got to go" and tried to create movement throughout my graphic pieces. Using techniques like emojis, arrows, and repetition, I wanted the eye to flow throughout the visuals, reflecting on the actual concept of "G2G".

Magazine Cover

Choosing from a list of already established magazines, the class was assigned to redesign a magazine cover based off of the style and tone of that publication. I decided to redesign the magazine, WIRED, with Brad Pitt on the cover and used stacking typology techniques to make article titles easier to comprehend.


Creative Writing - "Chasing the Sun" - Spring 2014

In a course titled, Travel Writing, I chose to creatively write a piece personifying the sun as a character in our daily lives by following it from the moment it awakens to the moment it rests. I reflected on the sun's effects on the community throughout different moments throughout the day.

Press Release - IIFF Festival - Fall 2013

During my Intro to Public Relations course, we were assigned to create a plan book for a specific event in the area. I chose to promote the Indian International Film Festival in Tampa Bay. This is just one piece of the entire project, however I feel that this shows my skills with creating press releases.